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Welcome to Inside you will find interesting places I have visited in and around New Jersey, photos of friends and family, and attempts to get a few plugs for my current projects. While clicking around this site, please make sure to rate pictures, and comment on anything worth talking about. Feedback is always appreciated. -- Jeff
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1/10/2010 - I have added a new section to most location pages that will now display in both a list and on a map all the nearby locations. I hope this will help people know what is around the area a bit better. There are also a few other changes coming in the next few weeks. Read More...
12/24/09 - I HATED not having comments on this site. I recently found a free comment service and placed it onto the site tonight. You'll see the ability to add comments on a photo page, and each location page. Comment away!
12/1/09 - I have started to add a widget around the site that will make it easier for people to share the page directly with social networking sites, through emails, add bookmarks, etc. On every page you will see something like this: Click on it too see all the sharing options.
4/17/09 - I have been neglecting for too long. I have not had the time to really put any updates here at all.. for a long while. But that's going to change soon. Make sure to come back soon. Read More...
8/14/08 - JORBA presents the NJ Bike Fest
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4/04/08 - Locations get an update
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1/29/08 - Outdoors Section Updated!
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11/15/07 - A new site (Kinda)
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8/15/07 - SEO and Useful Tools
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8/03/07 - Sneak Peak at a new project
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